We’ll find savings on your electricity bill or it’s free...

Does everyone in your condominium get their own electricity bill?

How do you know you are all being billed correctly? How do you know if your local utility is billing your entire building correctly in the first place?

We've seen hundreds of hydro bills, and many of them contain errors. Don't feel bad...the electricity bill is so complicated, people just pay it.


Here's where we come in...

Being a Board member is an extremely difficult job.  In recognition of your hard work, we have designed this program with you, the Board member, in mind. Simply put - We will find savings on your electricity bill, or it’s free.


Found money...You can’t lose...

  • We will review your electricity bills and look for errors.
  • If there are no savings to be had, there will be no charge for our services.
  • There is no risk to the condominium, and no risk to you, the Board member.


NEW - August 2011

The Ontario Energy Board has now completed announcements for DISTRIBUTION rates for all the major utilities. - <Click here to go to OEB site>

  1. ELECTRICITY - Controlled by market conditions.

  2. DISTRIBUTION - Under the control and responsibility of your local utility.


THIS announcement had to do with the Distribution rates, here's a summary: 

 $ reflects use of 800 kWh per suite in one month Increase in DELIVERY effective Aug 1 Increase in Distribution (April '11 to May '11) Increase in Total Bill (April '11 to May '11)
Kingston $8.26 30% 9%
Hamilton $7.38 23% 8%
Grimsby $7.06 27% 8%
Waterloo $5.23 17% 5%
Niagara $2.50 7% 2%
Whitby $2.36 6% 2%
Burlington $1.69 5% 2%
Windsor (Enersource) $1.64 5% 2%
London $1.61 5% 2%
Guelph $1.16 3% 1%
Ottawa -$0.37 -1% 0%
Mississauga -$0.67 -2% -1%
Toronto -$0.91 -2% -1%
Oshawa -$1.20 -4% -1%